Foster Your Inner Artist

Reinvent your look at our tattoo shop in El Paso, TX

You can't control how other people feel about you, but you can control what they see when they look at you: the rocker, the quiet one, the adventurer. Ink Society Tattoo Studio helps you cultivate your image. When you step inside our tattoo studio, you'll instantly feel at home surrounded by talented artists dedicated to helping you show off your passions.

In addition to being a premier tattoo and piercing parlor, we also host local events like book readings, art shows, and live music. We're all about artists, whether their medium is ink, paint, or music.

With 23 years of experience tattooing people, we can take on any design or idea. Call 915-260-8331 today to book a session at our tattoo shop in El Paso, TX, near Fort Bliss.

Why should you come to Ink Society Tattoo Studio?

Tattoo shops that don't put passion into their work pale in comparison to Ink Society Tattoo Studio. We do what we do for the love of the art. Every piercing and tattoo we work on is a labor of love. We strive to stand by our motto: This facility is made FOR artists, BY artists.

Most tattoo and piercing parlors only pay their artists a fraction of their wages. We charge artists a monthly fee for the space, and they keep 100% of their wages for the work they do.

Get some new jewelry at a piercing shop in El Paso, TX

Piercings aren't just for your lobes (although earrings always make a great fashion statement). When you come to our piercing shop, you can get just about anything pierced, from your nipples to your nose.

Not all piercings are just for show. There are plenty of reasons to get pierced, such as:

  • Migraine relief, in the case of tragus and daith piercings
  • Upholding a cultural or family tradition
  • Commemorating a special life event
  • Following modern trends

Contact us today to schedule a piercing at our piercing shop in El Paso, TX near Fort Bliss.